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From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

 Many people from UESI invested a lot of time in building me up spiritually and helped me in taking the step for full time ministry.

I am Poonam Sotra born in a Christian family from Jammu. I come from a CNI background. From childhood I actively involved in all church activities so I was in the Sunday school, youth, choir, pastorate wing etc. I had a desire to serve the Lord and to my understanding I was serving the Lord by doing things in the church and society. But I was not aware of personally knowing and walking with the Lord and I did not have a personal relationship with God. I was a regular church goer and reader of the Bible but did not live my life according to the Word. Our church youth group was actively engaged in church activities and social works but we longed to have something more. God answered our prayers and sent two UESI staff workers (Mr. Madhu Sudhan Reddy and Mr. Jim Reeves) to our church. Mr. Jim posed a few questions before us and made us think seriously about our life after death. He also explained the way to eternal life. That day was a turning point in my life. I encountered the truth and submitted my life to Jesus Christ on 17th September 2006.

Those days I was struggling with a sickness. For a long time I had an illness which the doctors were not able to diagnose. As I couldn’t be treated properly I developed tuberculosis. I was not taken aback by the news and took it in my stride as I thought it was a cross the Lord had called me to bear. My body became weak and it was not able to cope with the strong medications which I had to take. I was not able to hold things such as a pen, spoon, cup and I couldn’t even move. Many times I felt my end was near but there was also the hope that I believe in a living God and with Him nothing is impossible. I thought at times the same God who tested Job was testing me and like he was restored, one day He would restore me too. God healed me during the spiritual convention of my church. I started walking and was able to do things on my own. I decided to give my life for full time ministry. Then I was working in a company and every day I felt that I was in a wrong job. Meanwhile, God was speaking to me and confirming the call through His Word and His people. Many people from UESI invested a lot of time in building me up spiritually and helped me in taking the step for full time ministry.

I joined as a coordinator for Jammu on 1st May 2010. In UESI TRISCON at Dimapur, God spoke to me clearly to join UESI National Staff. I thank God for enabling me to get the training in Highfield and for the training I am undergoing in Chandigarh. I am gaining experience and exposure to different aspects of UESI ministry. I believe my journey with the Lord can be termed as ‘from darkness to light’.

Poonam Sotra

National Staff trainee

Mohali, Punjab