State Secretary writes

State Secretary writes

Paul’s reason for existence was Jesus Christ and Him alone

His letters all point towards it and in Phil 1:21 he says, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” His desire was to see Christ exalted in his life, whether alive or dead.

Paul was known as Saul and he was a man of great standing and influence in the society. But when he met Christ, his life changed forever and he came to realize that all that he had inherited and achieved was a waste compared to knowing Christ. His purpose in life was to fight the good fight, finish the course by keeping the faith and awaiting the crown of righteousness kept for not only him but for everyone who finishes the course, by the righteous Judge (2 Tim 4:8).


This did not happen with Paul alone but also with many who encountered Christ and were captivated by Him. The people who understood the real worth of knowing Him have followed Him passionately. In the forthcoming UESI Kerala Missions Conference we will have the opportunity to study and meditate on the topic of God’s mission and passion.


Last month as a family we were able to visit the North Malabar region. It was an encouragement to see our graduates and students along with Bro. Thomas Mathew, our new staff, working as a team. The first North Malabar Regional Conference was a blessed experience. Kindly keep the North Malabar Region in your prayer as they are working on making a new five year plan for the ministry.


I had the opportunity to visit Wayanad along with Bro. Sam Alexander, the KEGF Secretary and Regional staff, Bro. Jojo C. Kurian. It was a joyful occasion seeing our ministry growing as a result of the hard work put in by our graduates and staff. The South Malabar Regional Conference had a good participation especially from the students. Let us praise God for the positive involvement of the students in Calicut.

As God opens up more and more doors for the ministry we need more man power to cater to the needs of the ministry. We do not know how long we can work freely in this country. Let us make use of the time God has given to us. The kind of response we get after the magnum opus programmes is a sign that UESI ministry is relevant and needed. Going through the response sheets of one programme in South Central Region, I could see that a lot of students are looking for help to deal with their personal problems. So, let us gird ourselves and equip ourselves for this important ministry to the youth in the state and the country. Then we will witness the transformation that will take place in our society as a result of transformed students when they encounter Jesus Christ.