State Secretary Writes

Transformed Students Impacting the Campuses and the Nation as Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

UESI has restated the vision statement in the recently concluded annual general body meeting.Let us to ponder on the part transformed students. In Romans 12:2, we find that transformed means renewal of mind – not just being non-conformed to the ways of this world. The Greek word used for transform is ‘metamorphoō’ which means to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure by renewing (anakainōsis) meaning a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better of the mind. So we learn that transformation happens when the mind is renewed. In other words there will be changes happening in our thinking which will be reflected in our attitudes, values and lifestyle. When such transformation takes we will be able to impact the lives of others. UESI is called to impact the student community in India and thereby shaping our future generation and country. The annual general body meeting of National UESI – held in UESI AP Centre, Namboor – was a blessing. About 200 members from across the country attended, six new groups were given affiliation and Nagaland became a de-centralized unit of UESI. The UESI AP graduates and students did a commendable work facilitating the AGM. UESI Kerala thankfully remembers Dr John Stott for his life and passion for the word in shaping young evangelical minds. His writings have impacted the whole evangelical world, and those will stand for ages and will continue to influence many even in the future. His visit to UESI Kerala Missions Conference will remain a historic moment in our history.