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The “Hope” Anchored @ Kochi

The “Hope” Anchored @ Kochi

In a world longing for hope, ‘Logos Hope’, the world’s largest sailing book shop, is on a mission to transform lives by providing hope and peace by spreading the ‘good news’. Through absolute faith and tireless prayer the Operation Mobilisation team had launched ‘Logos Hope’ into service in 2009.

Logos Hope, docked at Willingdon Island, Kochi, stands as an evidence to God’s provision to those who have the desire to serve him wholeheartedly. The ship also holds testimony to the unchanging faithfulness of our God who will never let His children down.

It was our privilege to have some of the volunteers from the Logos Hope at the UESI Kerala centre, Edappally, during GSTP 2011. Some of these youngsters are active members of IFES. A few students of UESI Kerala were part of the volunteer team while the ship was docked at Kochi.

‘Logos Hope’ provides an amazing platform for youngsters to creatively share the gospel to the world. We had passionate young men and women from over 10 countries including Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Norway, Papa New Guinea, Saint Vincent, USA and Singapore visiting us in three batches from the ship during the course of 14 days. As we interacted, we came to know about the ministries they are involved in, inside and outside the ship. They shed light on the different ways through which they share the gospel in nearly fifty countries. It was an eye opener to know how the Lord “worked in ways we cannot see” to bring these youngsters to the ship providing them all the needed finance and support at the right hour. Through their testimonies they assured that God is “never before his time and never is He behind”.

It was exciting to know about the cross cultural experiences on board the ship and in different nations. When it is not easy to explicitly share the gospel especially in the closed countries, they “live the gospel”. They emphasized the importance of walking “worthy of the gospel”. They challenged us to reflect on what God wants us to do and listen to His voice rather than lay out our own plans for our lives. It was great to know how God works in mysterious ways through the team in different places where ‘Logos Hope’ reaches. Their commitment to the cause of Christ was a challenge for us.

We believe that if through sheer faith and prayer ‘Logos hope’ could reach the world, we in UESI can reach our country, for the God who began a good work in us is faithful enough to “carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.

Sheeba Grace John