State Secretary Writes

State Secretary Writes

“Heaven” a video by the Bill Gaither’s group is an inspiring piece about the hope of the future abode and death a welcoming reality for believers. John, the disciple of Jesus who was exiled to the island of Patmos was given this beautiful vision in which he sees a new heaven and earth (Revelation 21: 1-6).

In that situation of hopelessness and gloom around him, there was tangibly nothing to instill hope but only the revealed truth of what the future glory would be like that made John write these things of hope. When we look around us we observe that the world is heading towards disintegration, e.g. the recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and other parts of Arab. We see problems on the rise, new and more virulent diseases, economies failing, calamities and catastrophes, families falling apart and the list can go on. With more problems more questions also arise, who has the answer and is there a permanent solution? The answer comes from God and it is there in His Word. As believers, we know and believe that all the problems will end when the Lord returns and rules the world with righteousness and justice. Till then we testify to this truth and look forward to the day when He ushers in the new heaven and earth.

We had a blessed AGM. We had a good participation from the constituency. It was encouraging to see students participating. In an exclusive meeting with the students they shared their dreams about UESI and following are some of them.

  • ‘UESI should be instrumental in attracting more students’
  • ‘It should reach all the colleges of Kerala’
  • ‘It should continue as a Biblical and a prayer movement’

Let us praise the Lord for our students and the vision God has given them similar to our forefathers. Bro. R Billy gave the main message and Bro. Jayasheel, the Zonal Secretary, UESI represented the National UESI.

Along with Mr. Viji Thomas and Mr. Samson, I could attend the diaspora meeting of graduates from Kerala in Chennai. It gave an opportunity to renew our fellowship with them.

Our stall in Maramon had a good response this time, many of our people and as well as the public visited the same. I would like to appreciate the efforts put in by our staff workers Rajesh, Thomas and Regi who toiled a whole week.

As we are approaching the end of the financial as well as academic year let us remember His faithfulness and thank God for all His provisions.