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29th Annual General Body Meeting

29th Annual General Body Meeting

This year’s AGM had a good representation from all quarters. There was sufficient quorum to proceed with the deliberations of the General Body. It was a time for fellowship, reflection, discussion, sharing and decision making.

Bro. R. Billy, former UESI National staff and now working with ESAF was the main speaker for the AGM. The first message was based on the life of Daniel and prerequisites for an effective leadership was highlighted namely, character, courage, consistency, refusal to compromise and follow the crowd. He exhorted that our private life and public life should go together and our life should show that we are Christians. On the second day the Bible Study was based on Philippians 3. He encouraged us to involve in God’s work with conviction and to develop people of conviction. The concluding message came from Nehemiah 2:17 to 3:2.

Different EUs and ICEUs presented their reports and highlighted their joys, concerns and plans. Then we had respective Regional Coordinators presenting their reports for the year. Various local EGFs and Church Relationship Cell also presented their reports in this session. KEGF and Specialized Ministry Committee report were also presented. Listening to the reports at times warmed our hearts but they also showed us how much more needed to be done and there was no room for complacency.

In the business session after the presidential address, minutes of the previous AGM & EGM were read and passed. The State Secretary, Bro. George K Mathew in his report portrayed the present scenario of the ministry. He reminded that more concrete efforts were required to reach students from other faiths & build up the ministry in campuses.
Some achievements of the year were highlighted. The monthly prayer calendar, prayer warriors, ministry among the Diaspora and on-line counseling were the new initiatives while Prayer Munnetta Yathra & SSLM were the flagships of the ministry. We were able to give emphasis to prayer and Personal Bible Study at all levels of ministry.

The un-audited account was presented by the treasurer Dr. M C Philipose. AGM noted that new contributors were not getting added which is a concern to be addressed. Further, it was felt that state level ministry presentations should be done even locally so that the members will be motivated to give more support to the ministry in the state as a whole. He encouraged the local centres to make more effort to identify the right students to avail scholarships from the Student Scholarship Fund. He also presented the budget for the next financial year.

Some important decisions were taken like to increase the monthly contribution to UESI National by Rs 20000/- to support the national staff for Diaspora. The General Body also decided to restructure the Regional Committees with Regional Chairperson & Regional Secretary.

The Secretary read the extracts of major EC decisions of the current year. He also announced the new initiatives such as Graduate Welfare Fund & Staff Residents Welfare Fund.

We had the dedication of the new office staff and short term Graduate Consultant, by Bro. R. Billy. The panel of new committee members of the EC presented by the Secretary was approved by the General Body.

There was a presentation from the Planning and Evaluation cell. Mrs. Suneetha Thomas Chairperson, gave the general evaluation of the ministry which was followed by a detailed presentation by the P&E Cell.

The floor approved the dates of next Extraordinary General Body meeting from 10th to 12th June 2011.The Secretary thanked the members of the AGM for their contribution and involvement. The year 2011-12 has been declared as the ‘Year of Outreach and Soul winning’.

AGM was not all about reports and ministry. We had an evening set apart for intercessory prayer. A warm and beautiful Sunday worship service was led by Bro. Jayasheel, Zonal Secretary of UESI & special guest to the AGM.