Campus Building and Nation Building through Christ
UP, Up North

UP, Up North

UESI ministry began in Uttar Pradesh (UP) in 1960’s. Here is a brief account of the growth of the ministry over the years.

The work was initiated in Allahabad through J.D Patial’s active involvement, which slowly spread to the other parts of the state. The ministry of P.C Varghese National Staff based in Allahabad contributed much in the initial days. Richard Masih was the staff from 1974-77 and later. In 1978 Maxwell David and his wife Sneha were appointed as staff for UP who worked till 1999. HDS Joel joined the team in 1989 and continued till May 2010. The coordinators who joined from time to time also contributed to the growth of the ministry. The Singh family of Allahabad and Dr. & Mrs Sunder Singh of Agra also helped in the expansion of the ministry. It is important to note the contribution of many missionary students and tentmakers like Dr Joseph John and Thomas Antony who came with a definite call and laboured here. UESI Kerala sent Saji Easo to UP as its missionary in November 1993. Billy Sam Varghese worked here from July 1998 to December 2001. Varghese Thomas has been working for UP ministry since July 1999.

UP has 70 districts, grouped into 6 regions. Evangelistic and discipleship camps were conducted annually right from 1980’s. Development of regional level ministry got emphasis from 2002 onwards. As a result regional level evangelistic and discipleship camps started. Now we have evangelistic and discipleship camps in all the 6 regions.

First state level LTC was conducted in June 2005 at Dehradun and it continues every year. Equipper programme and mission camp are conducted at alternate years.

It has been our dream to have staff in all the 6 regions. It came true in Aug 2009 when more workers joined with UPEGF. Now we have 2 National Staff Family, 2 Family Coordinators, 3 Single Staff, 1 Graduate Helper and an Office Staff. Seeing the positive growth in the ministry, in 2005 then the General Secretary, Mathew Varghese encouraged the state to think about decentralization and the seed for that was sown. Now the State EC looks forward to decentralize the state by 2015. UPEGF is thinking of purchasing a land in Lucknow and develop the state office. Kindly pray for the immediate need of 12 lakhs for the land. We gratefully remember the partnership of UESI Kerala and Kanyakumari EGF in developing the ministry in UP.