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The Early Days

The Early Days

Mathew George reminisces his EU days

In the early 1960s, The EU students met weekly under a tree outside the Men’s Hostel of Catholicate College. Later on, Bro. Kunjukunju, who lived close by, opened his home for the meetings. A number of lecturers including Bro. M. K. Abraham and Bro. Itty Mathew (now Rev.) as well as Bro. Max Liddle, a missionary from New Zealand assisted us in our meetings. It was customary for the central Kerala EUs to co-operate on occasional retreats and an annual Camp. Many of the friendships we developed then are still continuing.

In mid 1960’s, I had the privilege along with Bro. Johnson of Elanthoor (now a Pastor in Canada) to attend a UESI students’ leadership camp at Kotagiri. It was a unique experience where I met student leaders from various states of India. It was wonderful to meet and listen to many of the UESI staff workers which included the Sterrets. Ever since then, I had the desire to go back there someday and this year after almost 45 years, the Lord enabled me to do just that. My wife Ammalkutty and I attended Leadership & mentoring and Worldviews & Evangelism of the Study Centre. We had some exceptional teachers such as PKD Lee, Billy, Parimal and Sudarsan. The information was current and the sessions were very profitable and practical. I was also impressed by the rigorous study regime implemented by Mr. Isaac Thomas.

It warmed my heart to see the expanded facilities at Kotagiri and the way they are being utilized with various activities almost throughout the year. I thank the Lord for the way He is using UESI to impact student lives in almost all the states of India.

Mathew George
Calgary, Canada