UESI Kerala


What is UESI

Union of Evangelical Students of India  is an active student movement that seeks to evangelize and enrich college students to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry is committed to transforming college campuses with the good news of Jesus Christ and equipping a generation of youth that serves the church and society. UESI is interdenominational, inviting youth from all backgrounds, supporting them in their spiritual walk and raising them to be leaders in the Lord Jesus.  


Transformed Students Impacting The Campuses And The Nation As Disciples Of The Lord Jesus Christ


UESI seeks to evangelise post-matric students in India, nurture them as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may serve the Church and Society.


  • To present the claims of Jesus Christ so that other students may come to a personal experience of Him as Saviour, Lord and God, through the new birth.
  • To have fellowship with all students of like precious faith for mutual help and growth in the Christian life, especially by means of Bible study and prayer, and to encourage one another in witnessing for Christ.
  • To raise in the Colleges a testimony to the truths of the historic Christian faith, and present their message for the whole of life and the problems of mankind.
  • To present God’s missionary command and so to help students discover and obey His will for them at home or abroad in world evangelisation.