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Student’s testimony

Student’s testimony

Glory to God.
It has been my greatest honor to stand for Lord’s name. I have been part of an amazing EU fellowship for the past 3 years. It has been a wonderful experience for me to be in this EU group.
Being brought up in a Christian family , from the very early age Christian values were instilled in me. I was never far away from my home until it was time to join college. I knew college and hostel life would be a whole new experience; it would be time to take decisions alone , discern what is right and wrong, etc. and only a good fellowship could guide me through these college years and God did provide me with such a fellowship,i.e. a perfect blend of experienced graduates and students alike to learn from.

I still remember the day I joined EU , It was during the first two months of college and in between the last lecture
of the day my classmate and a good friend invited me to join EU, and to my wonder, without any second thought I gave my books to my roommate and followed him to EU meeting. That day made me realize I had a greater purpose to serve for Christ. It has helped through all difficult times and helped me in perfectly shaping my physical life with respect to the spiritual. EU meetings has helped me in structuring the spiritual life ,speaking out for Christ , bringing impact to others’ life.

Even during the pandemic, when we were all locked in our house, EU meetings conducted during the week days (even though it was virtual) has always encouraged us to be build our faith in Christ. Preparing for Group Bible Studies , praying , singing in these meetings was a pleasant and a beautiful experience. Graduates and fellow members in the group were all supportive with each other. Micro Prayer Cell meeting created a great impact during these times. MPC provided a very close and small group to share our struggles and pray for it together.

Altogether , I am very thankful to Lord for this amazing fellowship. I also pray for this group to continue for many years to come and would shape the coming generations to bear good fruit.