Facing the Twin Realities  ..   SS writes – Dec 2019

Facing the Twin Realities .. SS writes – Dec 2019

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let me take this opportunity to greet you all once again in the name of our heavenly Father. Recently – within a span of one month – I was at three funerals. All the three persons were affected by cancer. I could listen to the testimonies of the close ones of each of these dear departed. One common element stood out: all these three people did not make any complaint against God or doubt God’s love for them. Well realizing that death is close at hand, they all were prepared to meet the Lord.

When our attachment to the world and an interest towards its lustre gets stronger, our spiritual eyesight gets dimmer. Are our lives moulded with a consciousness that any moment can be our “good bye” time to the world and what all it has for us? Wealth or fame, riches or lands, houses or vehicles, and above all our loved ones – all these can vanish in no time. Another possible reality: the glorious return of Christ, our Lord. So, be it our own death, or our Lord’s return, our time on this planet will have to end sooner or later. Many people around (does that include we too?) display a life pattern which appears blissfully unaware of, or unconscious of, these twin realities. But on the whole, believers in the Lord are happy to say, “I am ready and prepared!” This proclamation of readiness should be backed by two facts: we should be sure that we have done to the best possible level what all was entrusted to us by the Lord, and further, we have no strings attached to hold us back, with a desire that we need more time in the world. We ought to be prepared to declare any moment what Paul has done in his life: “The time for my departure has come” (2 Tim 4:6).

 The phrase “departure” is an easy representation of death; it supposes an existence after it. We are not to continue here always. Before the end-times come let us be reminded, and let us remind others, to obey the commandment: “preach the Word, be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with great patience and instruction” (2 Tim. 4: 2).

It is a common comment or complaint that this is “a wicked generation”. Yes, for sure. But that should remind us that we are placed in this wicked generation with a special responsibility. When the Lord decided to make us to be born in this generation itself, he has a purpose: to be different, to be agents of change in this generation. When the Lord extends our lives to that we see more tomorrows, it means that he is giving us a bit more time to accomplish His will. So, let us start counting down. Let me urge each one of you to be a mentor to two students, or even one, for the Lord. Try to start a prayer cell (EU group) in a college or area where there is no group. You can also be a senior advisor to an existing EU or ICEU. Yes, dear ones, this ministry is entrusted to us. Let us do our best before our time is over, or before the roll is called in glory.

Regional Committee of South Central region met on 24th November at Tiruvalla. Seven persons from Kerala participated in the National Planning Conference (8th to 10th Nov) in Hyderabad.  State Student Cell met for planning and prayer from 16th to 17th. Pre-marital counseling programme is planned to be held from 21st to 23rd  February 2020. Please encourage all the final year degree/PG students and the youngsters to attend this programme which will be held in UESI Kerala Centre, Edapally. This will surely be a wonderful experience. Simultanously there will be  SSLM (State Student Leaders Meet) will be held at the residence of Mr.Kurian Abraham, Chairman, Central region.

Advanced Homiletics Training programme will be conducted at UESI Kerala premises from 11th to 17th January 2020 by the National Training Dept.

Continue to uphold our ministry and its various needs in our regular prayers. May the Lord bless us!

-Jojo C Kurian