The Spiritual/Religious Dichotomy

The Spiritual/Religious Dichotomy

My beloved brothers and sisters,

Glad to be in touch with you through this letter. On 14th Sept, UESI celebrated its 65th birthday. Let us thank God for this ministry through which we all are blessed. God founded this ministry to reach out to the college students of India with the gospel. We need to thank God for the opportunity given to us to be part of His redemptive work. To share the good news of salvation to people who are heading towards a Christless eternity: isn’t it an unparalleled responsibility and an unmerited privilege we have? Every waking hour, let’s remind ourselves of this responsibility. And at the closing moment of each day, let us praise God for this privilege.

The world, for sure, is moving towards its end. Anarchy rules the day, moral values corrode, and growing intolerance reigns in all avenues of the society, even among religious groups and painfully, within churches too. Don’t we have a message to the world for its problems in the world: a message of hope and love? If we don’t, who else?

Many a time, a sense of surface level satisfaction marks our spiritual lives. Though we often brand some people as “church going nominal Christians”, don’t we see this situation even among us? Many of us are satisfied with our religious life. Remember that we can be religious without being spiritual in any way. The rebukes that the Lord Jesus hurled at the Pharisees – can they be aimed at the evangelicals of today? Our lifestyle, attitude towards wealth and position, the desire to grow closer to the image of God and the burden to reach the unreached – all these should be points of evaluation about ourselves.

In the parable of the two servants (Matthew 24: 45, 48), the true character of the evil servant is seen when the master is away for a season. He tells himself that the master is not going to return anytime soon. This belief removes any sense of accountability from his mind. On the other hand, the faithful servant understood that the master’s absence actually increased the burden of responsibility for him. He needed to work harder and more thoughtful than before, for he was sure that he will have to be accountable at a later point of time. Whether the master returned early or late, the faithful servant wanted to be found patiently fulfilling his duties. My dear ones, two matters that will surely take place are marked by the uncertainty of time: the Lord’s return and our own death. Christ’s return may be soon or late. And, unconsciously perhaps, we take for granted that we are going to die “but not so fast”. What about the responsibilities the Lord has entrusted with us?

Our plans and actions are external manifestations of our internal desires. If we are spiritual, our desire will be to please God and be faithful to fulfil what is expected of us. On the other hand, if we are religious, our desires will be to please man and get a good report from others.

Let us remind ourselves that UESI is both evangelistic and evangelical. Yes, our basis is the Word of God and we are here to share “Evangel”. Let us be faithful in our generation like David (Acts. 13:36). Let me encourage you, my EU family members, to be active and faithful in sharing the gospel and making disciples.

There was a planning and evaluation meeting at UESI Kerala Centre on 21st September. 36 people attended. It was a time to present the plans of each region and a sharing of plans and strategies.

NIT EU is planning DTC from 5th to 8th October at UESI Kerala Centre. South Region has planned one LTC at Kollam from 4th to 8th at Christujyothi Animation Centre, Kollam. There is one DTC planned by the Kalamassery EU group. A get-together is planned by Ernakulam EGF from 1st to 2nd October. KEGF Committee met on 21st Sept and has planned the annual EGF Conference to be held from 30th April (evening) to 03rd May (noon) of 2020.

Our dear PP Appachen (Prof.P. P. Thomas) finished his race and went to be with the Lord. I Thank God for giving this great man of God, and for his unique contributions to the UESI family. Let me express heartfelt condolences on behalf of UESI Kerala.

Let us pray regularly for our ministry and encourage all our dear ones to own and involve in the ministry. May the Lord bless us all!

Jojo C. Kurian

State Secretary