SS Writes July 2019

SS Writes July 2019


Beloved brothers and sisters,

Love and greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord for all grace and mercy we have enjoyed and are enjoying till this moment. We can never repay what the Lord has done for us.

A gaze into the past will bring to our mind some individuals who have done something significant in our lives. Our heart goes out to thank them for occasions when we received from them a timely help, a comforting word, a pat of encouragement, or even a silent presence which was enough to keep us moving on. Such people have a big place in our heart, and we can never forget them.

But have we wondered of the place we consciously give to our Lord who has sacrificially and unconditionally loved, accepted and saved us from eternal hell?

I am reminded of a lady in the Bible who became a close devotee of Jesus Christ. Her past was not a glorious one, but that never stood in the way of her receiving the love of God. She has this special distinction of being the first person to whom Christ revealed himself after the resurrection. I speak of Mary Magdalene.

As I have mentioned above, her past was not bright. Her devotion to the Lord as is recorded in the Bible has given rise to many extra biblical and mythical stories right from the medieval days. But the Bible does not brand her as immoral. It is sad to see that many preachers associate her with immoral behavior. The Bible speaks about her as demon possessed. Our Lord set her free from seven demons and that changed her identity. Her life was not merely reformed; it was drastically redeemed. She owed everything to Christ and her life after the deliverance reflected the profound depth of her gratitude and love for the Lord. My dear ones, what is our response to Jesus Christ who has set us free from the grip of Satan?

Mary Magdalene joined the close circle of disciples who travelled with Jesus (Lk.8:1-3). She remained Jesus’ faithful disciple even when others left him. She was with Jesus all the way from Galilee to Jerusalem (127 km), loyally following Him to the cross and even beyond. Mary did not have any idea that Jesus is going to be resurrected from the dead. Her visit to the tomb was just out of devotion, and for this she even risked her life… a final expression of love to her Master, to whom she knew she owed everything. Jesus gave her the unique and unparalleled honour to be the first one to see Him and hear him after the resurrection. And that does not end here; she was given the responsibility to take the news of the resurrection to the others.

In what concrete way do we express our love to the master who has redeemed us for eternal blessings? Let us be torch bearers of the gospel, even when it is demanding. Let us bring forth notes of true, sincere and faithful devotion to the Lord, in such a magnificent way that the Lord will honour us with unique responsibilities and blessings in His ministry.

Our State Council (21-22nd June) was attended by 40 members. Bro Jose George from Vasai EGF led us in devotion and challenged the participants to involve in the lives of students. Bro. Satish Joseph Simon, Delhi, encouraged the delegates to be focused and relevant.   During the Council/AGM, Bro.Benoj and Sis.Rathi (the newly joined staff family) and Bro. Shiju were dedicated for the ministry in Kerala. Mr. Benoj and family will be based in Palakkad with the regional responsibility of North Central Region. Mr. Shiju who has joined as a coordinator will have his base in Kannur. Mrs. Naomy Diana Johanan was relieved from the Executive Committee and Mr. Win Wilson will be the SPEC Chairperson in her place. I place on record our appreciation to sister Naomy for her sincerity and hard work as SPEC Chair.

There were 7 participants in GSTP 2019, and it ended on 28th night.  Perinthalmanna EGF has been restarted at the residence of Dr.Binoy Kurian George.

The first discussion and planning meeting of State Student Cell (SSC) 2019-20 was held at UESI Kerala Centre on 21st & 22nd of June.

God willing, 5 graduates and 4 students will be attending the National AGM (26 to 28 Aug ) in Hyderabad.

Finally, let me remind you that next month onwards our financial need will go high as new staff workers have joined and we have increased our contribution to the National UESI. Let us continue to pray for all our needs and growth of our ministry qualitatively and quantitatively. May the Lord bless us all.

Jojo C Kurian

State Secretary