State Secretary writes

…so I went up the valley by night, examining the wall. Finally, I turned back and reentered through the Valley Gate. The officials did not know where I had gone or what I was doing, because as yet I had said nothing to the Jews or the priests or nobles or officials or any others who would be doing the work.

Then I said to them, “You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace.” Nehemiah 2:15-17

The news about the Jerusalem wall being broken down and its gates being burned with fire caused Nehemiah to weep, fast and pray to the Lord God. After days of mourning, fasting and prayer he approached king Artaxerxes for permission to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah made a thorough investigation of the condition of the wall. Likewise it is necessary for us to understand thoroughly our mission field to be effective. Our forefathers understood and felt the needs of the student community and that is how UESI was born.

We in UESI Kerala need to know and understand the needs of the students. EU students should feel the pulse of fellow students and be involved in their lives. Staff and graduates need to understand the present trends among the younger generation and know the EU students. It means visiting colleges and student centres and interacting with them. A lot of companies and organizations undertake studies and surveys among the youngsters but very little effort is made to study them from a Christian perspective. Secular social scientists or market research companies can evaluate and study the outward trends but it is only the people moved by the Holy Spirit who can see things beyond the externals and offer the right solutions. The world around us is looking for answers on how to resolve the problems that dog them be it drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide, marital discord, injustice and so on. So let us get involved, the world need us.


The UESI Planning department has formed a committee to study the student trends in Kerala. The questionnaire and guidelines will be available soon. The team is expected to finish the study by June.

UESI Kerala Executive Committee has decided to have the Annual General Body meeting at Kottayam from 11-13 February 2012. The South Central Region will host the program. I request all the EUs and EGFs to send their representatives. Kindly pray that the AGM this time will be different and blessed one for the whole constituency.