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Parameters of True Friendship

Parameters of True Friendship

(As defined by the David Jonathan Relationship)
– Dr. Alexander George

This is a Bible Study. To maximise the benefit from it you will have to read through the following passages from the Old Testament: 1 Samuel 18: 1-15; 19: 1-7; 20: 1-42; 23: 16-18; 2 Samuel 1: 1-26. After doing so, you will find the following parameters of true friendship in the specific verses mentioned below.

  • The foundation of true friendship is genuine love. (1 Sam. 18: 1-3)
  • From that selfless love a friend gives that which is precious to himself without counting the cost. (1 Sam. 18:4; 20:32) When you give your time, you give your life.
  • A true friend wins the confidence of responsible? others by wise behaviour. (1 Sam.18: 5,14,15)
  • A true friend will not mince words to warn of impending danger (1 Sam.19: 2)
  • A true friend will be willing to place himself at risk and stake his own welfare for the sake of his friend (1 Sam.19: 3-6)
  • A true friend will relate with total transparency (1 Sam.19:7)
  • A true friend serves in order to meet the needs of his friend (1 Sam.20: 4)
  • True friendship is taken forward through a series of enquiries that concern the innermost being in the journey of life. (1 Sam.20:1,2,8-10,12)
  • True friendship requires the intentional and purposeful making of time and space for each other in the midst of ones own busy schedule to nurture and protect the relationship (1 Sam.20:11)
  • A true friend demands to be recompensed with kindness (gratitude) and not to be forgotten (1 Sam.20:14,15)
  • True friendship is a conventional relationship: based on loyalty to promises that are made before the LORD (1 Sam.20:16,17,20; 23:17)
  • A true friend experiences strong emotions on behalf of his friend (1Sam.20:34)
  • A true friend will be uninhibited in the appropriate expression of love and the sharing of sorrows and will hang on until the friends’ emotional needs are fully met (1 Sam.20:41)
  • True friends have the Lord in between them (1 Sam.20:42)
  • A true friend takes the initiative to reach out, encourage and strengthen his friend in the Lord (1 Sam.23:16)
  • A true friend comforts (1 Sam.20:42) and gives hope (1 Sam.23:17)
  • True friendship is one of the most pleasant and beautiful of all human experiences and yet, when such friendship is lost/broken it is most distressing and devastating. (2 Sam.1:26)