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Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

The Lord God said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

As a postgraduate student, the next milestone to be achieved is to find a suitable life partner. It was after much persuasion from EGF members and senior friends that I decided to attend the pre-marital counseling program. But after a short while into the program I realized that it would have been a great loss if I missed.

The Pre-Marital Counseling from August 28th to 30th was a life changing experience. Marriage is something which most youngsters look forward with much expectation as well as fear. It helped me get over some of my fears and gave me a more realistic view of marriage, compared to the glossiness we often watch in movies. I am sure I share this opinion with 20 other participants.

The initial session was handled by Dr. Mathew Jacob, and then the marathon sessions for the next two days by Dr. Alexander George. I am confident that the two and a half days that I spent there will definitely be of great help for my future life.

The sessions titled Why Marry, When to Marry, Whom to Marry were guidelines for each one of us in helping us find the right life partner. Discussions on extravagant weddings, dowry, and abortion challenged us to take stands that would bring forth our share of difference in this society. The question/answer sessions after every talk helped us clarify the doubts that had crept into our minds in the past years. I am fully confident in saying that the Lord spoke to each one of us very personally throughout the sessions and will definitely be our help and guide in finding the right life partner. The sessions ended with an open invitation to all of us to attend the next Family Conference!

On a whole the program challenged us believers to live exemplary lives, rather than be hypocrites not knowing to practice the principles we so diligently preach. I thank the Lord for Alexander uncle and Mathew Jacob uncle who have put in over two decades of their experience in preparing young graduates like us for family life and marriage. I pray that our Lord will duly reward Asha aunty and Staff Jojo uncle for their tireless offstage efforts.

– Manna Elizabeth Philip

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