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My Experience as an EU Student

My Experience as an EU Student

Being in the EU is a learning experience and somehow the ministry grows into you without your realizing it. Having grown up in the Middle-East, I wanted to be a part of an English speaking fellowship when I joined college. The MACE EU was God’s own personal gift to me. I saw the bond between the believers grow stronger. The seniors in my group often strengthened and encouraged me in times of troubles and difficulties and because of that, even today my love and affection for them haven’t diminished though they are no longer in the campus.

While I was in my second year, I had the privilege to give leadership to the group. There were lots of responsibilities and disappointments but today when I look back, I realize that it was by giving me such responsibilities that God moulded me as a leader. As an Executive Committee member (student representative) I got an exposure to the functioning of the organization and to meet and develop a special bond with several graduates and key persons in the ministry. Mission camps, DTC, LTC, AGMs, SSLM and several other programs I attended in the past four years have helped me develop several skills that I never thought I had and they also helped me learn a lot about God and His plan in my life. Various sessions in these programs have helped me understand more truths in the Bible. The UESI office at Edappally being close to my home in Kochi has been my second home as I have always been there for camps and other get togethers.

Four years in the ministry has gifted me with lots of new friends, graduates and has helped me develop myself in every sphere of life. UESI ministry has been instrumental in moulding my life and I will always remain grateful to the leaders, staff and graduates and most importantly to God for making me a part of this ministry. If it weren’t for the EU they might have remained and never discovered.

And there were individuals who contributed much in molding of my character. It was not so much from teaching but their lives which spoke volumes. I observed and saw the lives of my seniors and graduates. Their lives were one where they walked the talk. Their love, care, nurture and concern helped me to blossom. They were always available for us and gave us the freedom to approach them anytime. They taught me patience and humility through their lives. Here I’d like to mention someone who was my guide, mentor, confidante, advisor and friend, Rajesh, the staff. I got to know him well and saw his life from close quarters. I cannot thank him enough for all his effort and input in my life. Then there were unforgettable fellow students and friends who helped me out and were always available. All these people made my life during college wholesome and complete. I believe that those who missed this fellowship has missed something substantial in their lives.

Saying goodbye is always hard, so it is for my little odyssey. I maintain a diary to write my new experiences and lessons learnt, and I must say most of the pages are filled from the days with my involvement with the EU and it was definitely an eventful journey.

God bless UESI.

Jijo Kurien, Ernakulam