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Sing & Rejoice

Sing & Rejoice

Dear Co-workers, Loving greetings in Christ.

“Praise the Lord ! For it is good to sing praises to our God, for He is gracious & lovely; praise is becoming & appropriate.”

The present UESI Kerala song book has been in use for about 5 years and it is high time we go for a new one. All copies are already sold out and there is request from centers for additional copies. In view of this, UESI Kerala Executive Committee has decided to bring out a new song book featuring new songs and old classics. A song book committee has been constituted for this purpose.

I would request your help and cooperation in this matter. Can you suggest a few songs that can be included in the new song book? Songs can be in Malayalam, English, Tamil or Hindi. It should be suited for singing in our groups, retreats and other programs. Please suggest songs with authentic lyrics. If it is a new song (or composed by you), please send a cassette of the music also along with the lyrics. You can send the songs in hard copy either in neat handwriting or typed. Soft copy of songs shall be sent to the office through mails or CDs. Author of song also need to be mentioned while sending songs. Your suggestions on the nature and content of the new song book are also welcome.

All of us enjoy songs, and today music has become an indelible part of the ministry. A good collection of songs would be very useful in reaching out to the student community.

We plan to bring out the same very soon. Please send your suggestions to me or Mr. George K Mathew, our State Secretary, UESI Kerala Centre, Edappally P.O. Ernakulam, Kerala before 3rd February 2011.

Yours in Christ,
Viji Thomas K Convener – Song Book Committee