State Secretary Writes

State Secretary Writes

“Be fruitful and increase… fill the earth and subdue it.” Gen 1:28

God pronounced this blessing to humankind at the time of creation. This verse is a call to be productive. There was a purpose to His creation and He wanted that purpose to be fulfilled. E.g. when He made the sky He did not create it [plain rather He made lights in the sky and gave it a purpose of serving as signs to mark seasons; another thing when he created living creatures in the water He used the word ‘teem with'(full of); to the land He said-‘ produce living creatures’. God made everything with the potential of growth which is indeed a sign of life. So behind the creation of man also lies this powerful principle of growth, maturisation and productivity. The seed in us is God’s seed. Jesus came to give us life; (abundant life) which means ‘in Christ’ we have life in its fullness and that remaining in Him helps us mature and become what He has designed us to be. May each one of us develop and become fruitful for the Lord and lead a productive life for His glory.

We are moving closer to the end of another year. Thus far, God has enabled us to lead a few to the Lord, nurture and mentor them. Let us thank God for the fruits of our ministry and the wonderful things He is doing in our personal and spiritual lives.

We have planned a few important programmes this month. We have set apart this month for literature-important for evangelism, discipleship, and missions. Let us be creative this month, in writing and presenting Christian literature to our friends. It is interesting to recall a popular joke- it was the missionaries who taught us, Indians how to read and write; but it is the communists who gave us books to read!

I would like to remind you that November 21st 2010 is set apart as EU Sunday. It is our responsibility to encourage the larger body of Christ to play an active role in student missions. I encourage every one of you to actively seek opportunities to talk to leaders in the church and increase awareness. Please request the churches to pray for an effective ministry in the campuses. The church relation cell has prepared some material for church leaders and it has been sent to various churches. If you need any information or help, please contact our office or a staff nearest to you.

I was confined at home from October 12th, suffering from a bacterial infection and a skin problem on my right hand and leg. I am getting better, but the doctor adviced rest for a while. I would like to thank all of you who prayed, called and visited me. Please pray for a complete healing.