Campus Building and Nation Building through Christ


The mini GSTP took place from 1st to 7th of July. From different parts of the state, the Lord brought together 13 of us. It was a time of learning and fun. As was clearly stated in the opening note by Mr. Samson Philip, it was aimed at providing a clear vision of our identity and our purpose as God’s children and that is to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

The sessions handled were Inductive Bible Study (IBS), Bible Survey, Scripture, Holy Spirit, Decision making & will of God, Missions & Mission Survey, Marriage & Family and Devotional sessions. The faculty encouraged us to grow in spiritual life. Special mention goes to Sherly akka and the IBS sessions she handled. The Bible survey by Reji uncle was a great revelation for many of us, who for the first time got a bird’s eye view of the Bible. For many, a real change came through the devotional sessions, hearts were comforted and bonds were broken. The time we spend with our camp parents, Samson uncle and Mercy aunty were a blessing to all of us. The two by two sessions really gave us a spiritual boost.

It was not all learning, but fun as well. The evening break was filled with fun and games. And some days, the celebration went far into the night. We got to know each other more and more during those times. Something that requires special mention was the food, which was excellent. Seven days flew by so fast it seemed impossible. But now we were equipped, to shine like stars in this world for our Lord.

All those out there, do make a small investment of your time at the GSTP, it’s worth it. May God bless you!