State Secretary Writes

State Secretary Writes

And because of their unbelief, he couldn’t do any miracles among them except to place his hands on a few sick people and heal them. And he was amazed at their unbelief. (Mark 6:5)

Jesus could not do many miracles in his own hometown though He wanted to. It was not due to His lack of power, but a block – the unbelief of the people. One of the philosophers commented “familiarity breeds contempt” The same could be true when we think of our own state of Kerala, considering the growth of the ministry in different parts of India like Andhra Pradesh, various parts of North India etc. We in Kerala are over familiar with these things and that is becoming a stumbling block for the revival in Kerala. So let us humbly come to the throne of Grace with implicit trust and confidence.

On the morning of 3rd August our accounts officer informed that we were able to meet the last month’s financial needs. My heart was filled with joy and I praised God for His faithfulness and provision.

Last month the National AGM was held in Bangalore and UESI Kerala was represented by a team of 14 participants including 4 students, 6 graduates and 4 staff. The NEGF Annual Council was also held at the same venue. Bro. George Thomas, Trichur EGF has been selected as the National EGF Secretary. Bro. J S A Julius (Bangalore) will be continuing as the President of UESI and our former KEGF Secretary Bro. John Samuel (Delhi) will be continuing as the Secretary. Bro. Ashok (Chennai) has taken over as the Treasurer and Bro. C P Thomas (Kochi) has been selected as a member of the National Executive Committee. Bro. Jacob Samuel (Palakkad) will continue as the Chairman of the National Training Department. Le us uphold the office bearers of National UESI in our prayers.

Let us praise and thank God for the sacrificial life of Annie Kochamma (Trivandrum). Her life was indeed a great role model for all of us to emulate. She, along with her husband late Prof. John K John (former President of UESI Kerala), played a substantial role in planting the student ministry in Kerala. Even at her late age, she took up the responsibility as the senior advisor or Trivandrum ICEU. As the staff of South Region, I had the opportunity to work with her. I still remember her involvement as a senior advisor attending the ICEU meetings, visiting students, and caring for them personally – ignoring all her physical ailments.

As we have declared his academic year as the year of Prayer & Bible Study, its effects or efforts could be seen in various EUs and EGFs. Let us pray, select and send the suitable students for the regional Leadership Training Camps (LTC). Six such LTCs are scheduled during Onam holidays.

The backbone of our ministry is our students, and their spiritual growth fully depends on the EUs and ICEUs. The number or these groups should grow in quality and quantity – only then we can dream of a change in Kerala ministry. So let us all endeavour prayerfully to build His Kingdom in our State.

With lots of love and prayers,

In His Service
George K Mathew