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Remembering Annie Kochamma

Remembering Annie Kochamma

Annie Kochamma

Annie Kochamma was a “helpmeet fit” to the core for John K John sir in his life and ministry. She lived up to 74 years.

She was sweet and beautiful,
Not only outwardly but also inwardly,
Not only to God, her Creator and Master
But also to her dear husband and children
And to hundreds of young men and women
Who were brought closer to the Lord by her exemplary life.

We remember her as a very loving and caring elder sister when we were students in Trivandrum in the sixties. Her prayer life, hospitality, concern in every aspect for each and every young person, is rare and heartfelt.

When I was a student of the Trivandrum Engineering College (1963-66), J Dana Bai, Grace (Prof. Aleyamma), Er. P. J. Thomas, and Prof. M.C. Isaac were EU students. Annie Kochamma was 27 years old. And she was practically a servant leader to all the students. Rev. Itty Mathew was senior to us in Trivandrum.

Prof. John K. John was one of the three seniors in Kerala based in Trivandrum at the beginning of the UESI ministry in Trivandrum in 1954. The others were Bro. Paul Sudhakar and Dr. A. P. Mathew. John K. John sir retired as Professor in Mathematics from Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum. In addition to his ministry as Senior Advisor and spiritual leader of UESI ministry in the State, he was UESI National Vice-President and also worked as full time Staff worker of UESI Kerala from 1981 after his retirement.

In 1981 when I was chosen by God to be the first State Staff Team leader after decentralization of UESI Kerala, he opted to be Honorary Staff Worker in charge of Teaching and Training Programs for students and graduates of the whole State, based at Trivandrum. He was the mentor and prayer partner for the staff team including Mathew Varghese, Shirly TS George, Annie C. George, P. O. Laly, Joice P. George, C.V. Abraham and others.

Annie Kochamma was a mother, especially for the girls and a leader for the students in Camps and conferences about 50 years before she became sick.

Open home: They widely opened their home for us as their hearts were open for young boys and girls with the love of the Lord. Another Open home in the city was that of Bro. Paul Sudhakar. There can never be any open home for unbelievers and believers without the initiative of the woman of the home. Annie Kochamma (Mrs. Sudhakar too) was such a person who loved and cared for the EU boys and girls as their own children. It was never an easy task when they had to care for the 5 children. We greatly enjoyed the hospitality of Annie Kochamma and were ‘at home’ with this family when we were away from our homes. I believe the Open Christian Home concept in UESI fellowship is the natural outcome of the style of functioning of the UESI ministry and the examples of senior graduate families; it was never a theological jargon but was a practical Christian family life based on Biblical grounds. Such a few Open Homes across the State are the backbone of building up our young people towards Christian maturity and leadership based on the love and concern of God.

UESI Kerala is indebted to the sacrificial life and services of John K. John sir and Annie Kochamma.

It says in Hebrews 13: 7(NASB) that we should

Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct (way of life – ESV), imitate their faith.